Bunker and Field Rakes

            Photo of bunker and field rake in action

            A Design That Never Goes Out Of Style

            Whether it’s putting the finishing touches on a golf course bunker or a new-course construction project, the 1200A and 1200 Hydro Bunker Rakes deliver a delicate touch and excellent maneuverability.

            Two ways to reach a smooth finish: The 1200 Hydro and 1200A

            Putting the finishing touches on a golf course bunker, a ball field infield or a new-course construction project requires a delicate touch and excellent maneuverability. To perform those jobs, John Deere has not one, but two fine options to help you complete the job. The 1200A is a gear-driven machine that set the standard for all bunker and field rakes when it was first introduced in 1995. And our 1200 Hydro gives you the excellent pulling and pushing power you expect from a hydrostatic machine.

            ModelPowertrainHorsepower*AttachmentsForward Travel SpeedTowing Capacity


            13.5 hp

            Rake, Front Blade

            0-12.6 mph (0-20.3 km/h)

            Rear Hitch


            16.0 hp

            Rake, Front Blade

            0-10 mph (0-16.09 km/h)


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